The O'Neill Film & Theatrical Foundation

Youth Theatre Production of "Pygmalion"
Little Theatre Southport
The OFTF - March 2007

The IV G.Gershwin International Music Competition is organized
with a help and support of
The O'Neill Film & Theatrical Foundation.
Your philanthropic spirit and devotion to the art of music is a true gift to
our community.


"The O'Neill Film and Theatrical Foundation (OFTF) is geared towards supporting Arts, Theatre, and Culture. The O'Neill Film and Theatrical Foundation is committed to the plight of gender parity in music, theatre and film, on the regional, global and universal stage and screen. In proactively and systematically advocating advising and financial aid in the fields of music, theatre, and motion picture, our foundation aims to take concrete and potent action in creating a home-base for young talented playwrights and musicians of all ages and at all stages in their enlightened careers.

Sophia Romma - Artistic Director
The O'Neill Film & Theatrical Foundation
The Third G.Gershwin International Music Competition 2017 is a unique event, which synthesizes Broadway and Jazz styles with a devotional style of Classical music, which constitutes the musical style of George Gershwin. Popularizing Gershwin's music around the world, Gershwin International Music Competition bring to New York stage the brightest talents from around the globe.

Culminating with the Closing Ceremony to be held at Engelman Recital Hall of the Baruch College, the competition unifies Music and Theatre, linking it to the love and support of the future generations of artists."

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