Yin Cui


Yin Cui, born in China. since 6 years old, she start to learn piano playing and music theory with her father. after 1 year, she won the "Genius Young Piano Competiton"in China. Since that she won many piano competitions in her age groups in China every year. she started a solo career with concerts all over the country. Yin Cui was studied with Prof. Jing Zhuang Yao, Prof. Yuan Ling, Prof.Peter Efler, Prof. Chung Lee, Prof. Reinhard Becker and chamber music with Prof. Stephen Goerner (Carmina Quartett) and with Prof. Peter Nelsen ( lied). and received important musical insights at the master classes of Paul Badura-Skoda, Alexander Jenner.

Yin Cui gave regular piano solo and piano duet, piano trio etc chamber music concerts in Europe and China. her playing is hailed as great music artistic interpretation.

She taught in the conductor department in Central Conservatory of Music, the Piano Department of the Beijing Contemporary Music Institute in Beijing (China), as well as at the Piano Department of the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in Wuhan (China ).